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According to, the #1 Rule of Real Estate Applies to Domain Names As Well

This is a commentary piece about Says the #1 Rule in Real Estate Applies to Domain Names and was published by

The leading marketplace for premium domains, New York and NY – recently discussed the similarities between real estate and domain investing. Domain investing works in a similar manner to real estate investing.

Visitors to’s website who are searching for a domain name for a website want to know how to choose a good domain name since they’re unsure of what makes an excellent name.

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According to, many visitors come to their site wanting to learn how to purchase a domain name for a website because they’re unsure of what makes a good domain name. They think they have a good idea for a domain name but in reality, it’s a poor choice and not a good “location”. And if the domain name is not ideal, it will limit the business’s growth and future value in the marketplace.  Having a well-thought-out website but placing it on a wrong or inferior domain name can directly affect the position in the minds of consumers and ultimately their bottom line. offers a free consultation to anyone who is looking to start an online business or buy a domain name for an upcoming or existing online business.

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