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Experts Share Tips for Wearing Eyelash Extensions for a Long Time

This intro provides commentary to the article, Expert Lash Artist and Esthetician Shares Aftercare Tips for Longer Lasting Eyelash Extensions.

Study data indicates the eyelash extension market will grow to USD 2.31 billion by 2028. In the near future, the lash extension industry is expected to grow due to increased fashion trends and an emphasis on enhanced beauty in a shorter period of time. As the market continues to grow, it is important to learn more about eyelash extensions, specifically proper care of them.

Using a spoolie brush, thoroughly cleaning and drying the eyelash extensions is the best aftercare regimen for them. If you swim, avoid saltwater and oily makeup.

Read a clipping of the article below:

New York – There’s a secret to perfect eyelash extensions that last. Expert lash artist and a popular provider of eyelash extensions in New Jersey shares aftercare tips to ensure your eyelash extensions last longer and stay healthier. 

Ash Santiago is a beauty specialist in New Jersey offering high-quality and stylish eyelash extensions, professional makeup, waxing, and facial services. Her premiere eyelash extension services have been touted as one of the best lash extension services in New Jersey.

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