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Reports From Report That a Website Is Important in the Year 2021

With the publication by, for the article, The Importance of a Website in 2021 Reports, brings commentary on the story.

Facebook was down last week, affecting business pages from which businesses receive traffic. 2021 will be a year when websites will gain in importance.

In light of the Facebook outage, several companies may want to reconsider their marketing strategy.

Even big organizations such as Facebook have a lot of problems with their websites, explains Anthony Santiago, the Marketing Director of

The SEO campaign of an individual will also be improved by its own website, which is valued by Google.

Having a premium domain name, a visually appealing website, and the social media channels that support it is part of the marketing and branding strategy. If you are not tech-savvy, offers starter websites.

Read a clipping of the article below

New York, NY – Recently, Facebook took over headlines but for all the wrong reasons, it went offline. And along with it, business pages from which businesses rely on getting traffic. Those that primarily use Facebook to drive traffic to its business experienced downtime and were reliant on when Facebook would be fully back online. For this reason and others, highlights the importance of having a website in 2021, especially for new businesses looking to buy a website with traffic.

With the boom of social media, many companies, especially those who are looking to stay as agile and startup as quickly as possible, sometimes direct their marketing efforts to social media. More recently many companies and businesses may tend to put their eggs in one basket which in this case is social media. However, as the Facebook outage displayed, businesses may want to reconsider that strategy.

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