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Starting a Website and Its Benefits Is Discussed by brings commentary to the following article, Examines the Benefits of Using Starter Sites. has prepared a series of guides for first-time buyers of starter sites.

According to a recent survey by Top Design Firms, 64% of small businesses lack a website. Most businesses ignore digital marketing strategies that have an impact on their bottom line.

Starter sites allow businesses to address the lack of a website easily. They help companies gain a foothold in the market more quickly.

The following is a clipping of the story:

New York, NY – has released a series of guides that are targeted to assist first-time website buyers. One guide teaches business owners how to setup a website for a business. In another guide, It outlines all of the major benefits of using starter sites, which is perfect for new online business owners looking to build their online presence and accelerate their path to success. 

“One of the goals here at is to help educate new business owners on how to start an online business and the various ways one can start one. Our experienced team helps them navigate through common obstacles they may encounter on their journey,” said Michael Santiago, founder of

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