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The Company Sells As a Nontraditional .Com Domain.

Editor’s Notes: Blockchain Companies Contribute to Non Traditional .Com Domain Sales States

While crypto prices continue to surge, Blockchain companies are showing interest in .xyz domains.

In addition to domains,,,,, and are also popular domains within the blockchain industry.

As companies related to the currency seek to disrupt traditional payments and fiat, they gravitate toward companies.

On the blockchain marketplaces, $100k domains including .crypto, .eth, and .nft are selling for $100k in accordance with the blockchain industry’s increasing popularity.

Using technology, such as, can revolutionize the way investors buy website domains.

Crypto companies and investors understand the value of domain names in building brands and reputations.

Read the full clipping below for Blockchain Companies Contribute to Non Traditional .Com Domain Sales States

New York, NY – At a time when crypto continues to hit all-time highs, Blockchain companies are showing a major interest in .xyz domains. When purchasing a domain, some investors gravitate to buy a website with traffic and one with the .com extension, However, Blockchain companies are going against the grain and according to, Domain investor Swetha Yenugula has sold a number of her .xyz domains to blockchain-related companies. is a digital marketplace for premium domains and starter sites and always looks at the latest domain sales to find trends within the industry. One such trend is how the Blockchain industry is making its mark in the domain industry by using domains. 

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