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The Founder of Reflects on the Pandemic and the State of the Industry Today

Here’s our commentary to the article A Conversation with Founder of, Reflects on Pandemic and the State of the Industry Today first published by

Various topics were discussed by Michael Santiago, a domainer, SEO expert, and digital marketer.

During the pandemic, they decided to focus on family safety, and began buying new domains to grow their marketplace. had one of its highest revenue years ever by selling domain names and websites, and acquired many new domain names within emerging industries.

It is’s mission to help their clients acquire the most appropriate domain names for their businesses.

Below is a clip of the original article

New York, NY – The editorial team of had a chance to discuss various topics with founder Michael Santiago. Most recently focusing on acquiring new domains in emerging markets and helping solopreneurs looking for a ready made website for sale, digital marketer, SEO specialist, and domainer for the past 20 years, Mr. Santiago had the opportunity to reflect on the pandemic. 

“There was obviously a lot of uncertainty at the beginning of the pandemic. We decided it was prudent to stand by to see where the dominos fell, and of course, focus on family safety,” said Mr. Santiago. “After a few months, we started to see the unveiling of a new normal, one that puts digital marketing and presence at the forefront. We looked at the opportunity to start marketing once again and acquiring new domains for the marketplace.”

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