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The Latest Industry Trends to Help Get Ahead in Your Online Business

This is commentary on The Top Online Business Trends for 2022 Reports It was published by 2NEWS.

Local businesses have looked to local SEO marketing more than ever with ‘near me’ searches increasing more than 500% since the pandemic. This is important because it is known that 50% of users visit a store within a day of a local search, the number is higher if one is searching with their smartphone.

The following is a clipping of the story:

Having a digital presence for one’s business has become integral in most types of business and has been the determining factor if they have been able to sink or swim. Marketing online has become more important than ever and establishing a digital presence is very important.

From the rebranding of many companies to many solopreneurs looking for a ready made website for sale, 2021 was a year to reflect on to help better prepare all business owners for a successful upcoming year. highlights some of the major online business trends expected for 2022

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