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The Top Online Business Trends of 2022 –

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As 2021 comes to the end of the year,, a digital marketplace for premium domains , as and starter websites, showcases the top digital business trends that are expected to be in place by the year 2022. In a year which has continued to create strategies for marketing, and strategies to reach the appropriate audience, has seen some new trends emerging in the realm of online marketing. Similar to, the majority of these companies have incorporated an online marketing component in their marketing strategies as the growth of the disease has created the need for an online presence,” said Michael Santiago, the creator of

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New York, NY – As 2021 comes to a close,, a digital marketplace for premium domains and starter sites, lists the top online business trends heading into 2022. In a year that continued reshaping marketing strategies and ways to reach target audiences, has seen some emerging trends in the digital marketing landscape. From the rebranding of many companies to many solopreneurs looking for a ready made website for sale, 2021 was a year to reflect on to help better prepare all business owners for a successful upcoming year.

“In general, there has been a year over year trend in news business applications, and with a 24% increase of new business between 2019 to 2020, there doesn’t appear to be any slow down. Along the same grain, most of those businesses are including an online marketing component to their business as the pandemic has made the need for a digital footprint essential,” said Michael Santiago, founder of “We continue to research these trends to stay on top of the emerging niches and types of businesses that are thriving to ensure inventory for our clientele.”

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