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There Will Be Major Developments in Contract Lifecycle Management

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One essential back-end process which has been a valuable back-end procedure for businesses throughout the period of the pandemic was managing contract management (CLM) as per Eric Laughlin director Agiloft. Laughlin predicts “In 2022 contracts lifecycle management (CLM) will strengthen its place within the corporate technology stack because one represents one of five important software applications, together with customer relations management (CRM) and enterprise resource management (ERP) in addition to procurement Human Capital Management (HCM). To gain an analysis of second changes, Laughlin considers the trends that resulted from this year and notes: “In 2021, we noticed many consulting firms struggling to attract and retain top talent who had contract lifetime management (CLM) expertise in the field and CLM customers looking to recruit internal administrators to oversee this program..

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While 2021 marked another year of uncertainty due to the pandemic, the circumstances this year fostered growth and innovation within many industrial sectors, especially enterprise technology.

One critical back-end process that delivered value to enterprises throughout the pandemic is contract lifecycle management (CLM), according to Eric Laughlin, CEO of Agiloft. This relates to the various practices relating to the management of a contract from initiation through award, compliance and renewal.

As well as demonstrating the benefits of CLM during 2021, Laughlin is focused on the patterns within the sector for 2022.

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